Monday, November 19, 2012

Political Musings From a Blonde

Doesn't Hamas know that I am a nice Jewish girl from Scarsdale?

That was my first thought as I ran into the safe room on Friday afternoon. I had already kindled my shabbat candles, and so I knew it wasn't the weekly siren announcing the entrance of the sabbath queen. We all just kind of stood there in shock, debating what it was as the siren droned on and on...

Anyway, I guess Hamas must know, I guess that must be why the rockets come raining down. I have never been one to love politics, never been one to love clever arguments and I have no interest in starting now. But the rockets keep raining down on places I have visited before and places where dear friends live.

And let me tell you something, till you hear an air raid siren, you don't know what its like. Sure, I had visited Sderot, the town that has endlessly been bombarded with rockets for the past few YEARS and saw the playgrounds with bomb shelters poorly disguised as purple snakes. You think you know, but you have no idea.

Coping Methods in Sderot

Still, a few days have passed and I am getting ready to laugh about all this. Israelis I have spoken to have been calm, carrying on. I saw a cartoon today with Fry from Futurama. The caption: Was that Hamas// Or Did Shabbat Just Enter? (in reference to the Jerusalem air raid siren).

Perhaps soon, I too will be calm and carry on.

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