Monday, September 24, 2012

Now & Then

If Israel is my one, true love, Italy is the one that got away. The one that could never be. And so on...

And yet, perhaps it is no coincidence that both countries pull me. As my mother says, the sunlight in Italy is the closest thing the rest of the world has to the light in Jerusalem. The cobblestone paths of Israel and Italy's historic centers blend together. The magical ability to get lost going anywhere in both Jerusalem and Rome. The Mediterranean Sea. The love of food and coffee. The hand gesturing. The many accents. The big, curly hair.

And sometimes, when I walk by an old smoky building I am back at my host parents' Florentine flat on via Giacamo Medici.

Galipoli, Italy. Spring 2008
Nahlaot, Jerusalem. Summer 2012

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